Value Insurance MGA

About Us

Value Insurance M.G.A., LLC is a resident licensed M.G.A. domiciled within the state of Alabama. Value's senior leadership team has 40 plus years of experience operating within the independent agent distribution channel, supporting and understanding their policyholders' priorities, with the ultimate goal of providing peace of mind, consistently, when needed the most... following an accident.

To accomplish the goal of providing such peace of mind, Value is proud to be a M.G.A. for Old American Indemnity Company within the state of Alabama. Old American Indemnity Company is a property and casualty insurance company that specializes in non-standard private passenger automobile insurance in multiple states. Old American has chosen Value Insurance M.G.A. to be their only M.G.A. within the state of Alabama.


Furthermore, Value has chosen Trigon, a licensed General Agent, to be their Agency Management partner to lead the process of building an independent agent distribution channel. Trigon has 30 plus years of pristine experience developing extremely strong relationships with independent agents throughout the state of Alabama.


Value Insurance M.G.A., Old American Indemnity Company and Trigon, collectively, have a proven foundation and understanding of the Private Passenger Automobile segment which will enable us, together, to provide peace of mind to our select agent partners and their clients throughout Alabama.

Why Value Insurance MGA?

We Handle Our Own Claims

We understand how important it is to provide peace of mind when needed the most...following an accident. The Value Insurance MGA team handles our own claims so we can ensure a fast turn around time and world class customer service.

Connectivity At Your Fingertips

Value Insurance MGA offers bridging capability from TurboRater's Comparative Rater into Value's proprietary Point of Sale System.

Value Cares Program

The relationship with our appointed agents is extremely important to us which is why we created the Value Cares Program. We always look for ways to give back to our agents by providing incentives, competitive commissions and most importantly ways to give back to the state of Alabama community.